What is an Anagram?

Words, names, and phrases consist of several letters. The order of the letters is important: randomly reordering the letters is usually meaningless. In a few cases, however, rearranging the letters creates another word with an actual meaning. In such a case, the new word is called an anagram of the original one. On this website, you can enter a word, a phrase, or a name. We then search for anagrams that match your input. Interested? Then try it out and enter something. There might be quite some surprizes. Here an example:

We offer the anagram-service for free. Whenever you send a word, a name, or a phrase to us, we do our best to find as many anagrams as possible in a short time. Therefore, we develop special algorithms in combination with a database that we frequently update. Furthermore, we sort the anagram list for you such that, in case of many results, you can find the more interesting ones quickly. All that requires continuous computational efforts. It's people like you who make it possible that this website exists. We are very happy about your donation.