Date of last revision: October 10, 2020

Definitions: In the following text, the term "content" refers to images, videos, source code, databases, and text provided by a website. The term "parties" represents all natural persons or legal entities, as well as states, regions, cities, districts, corporations, as well as other organizational units. We reserve the right to change the privacy policy at any time. The new version of the privacy policy will be posted on this website and will become valid immediately. Therefore, we recommend you to read the following explanation regularly.

Privacy Policy

When you visit our website, we temporarily store certain data sent by your web browser. This personal data includes IP-address, date and time, web browser type, and language. Upon automized deletion, this data is stored in so-called log-files. It helps us to provide all services of our website in the optimum form. We do not send nor sell this data to third parties. We reserve the right to transmit your personal data to legal authorities if this is mandatory by law. Furthermore, we store the user inputs to the main search field in an anonymized form. We use this data to improve our website.

Links to other websites

This website contains links to websites provided by third parties. We are not aware of any illegitimate content at the moment the links are created. However, solely the external owner of the linked websites is responsible for these websites and their content. For technical reasons, we cannot monitor the linked websites continuously. Liability on our part for the linked websites and their content is completely excluded. Note also that external websites may have their own terms and conditions and privacy regulations, which apply as soon as you visit them. In particular, we provide a donate button on this website which forwards you to an external website ( Your personal information is only used for the corresponding transaction.